Each week we are profiling one of the agencies competing in this year's tournament. For Week 1 we've selected 2-time participants the Zuligans from Zulu Alpha Kilo.

After being one of the first agencies to sign-on for the inaugural event in 2014, raising over $2,000, and taking home Top Individual Axe Thrower (on the part of rookie-thrower Allan Mah) Zulu has solidified themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

"At Zulu Alpha Kilo we are super passionate, creative and competitive individuals. Whenever we have the opportunity to showcase some creative flair and represent the agency in a public tournament we jump at the chance." says Team Captain Jamie Mageau, "Axe Out Homophobia is a great cause and the Zulu family is proud to be a supporter."

We always love watching what Zulu comes up with to spread the word about their participation in Axe Out Homophobia and the many creative ways they rally support! To prop 'em up and show some love, donate through the teams online giving page: bit.ly/Zulu-AxeOut