the lowdown

Picture this: an advertising-industry wide fundraising competition that brings together the glory of winning and the thrill of throwing a f#$%ing axe. This is a chance for Joe in HR, Lisa in Creative and even Jimmy the intern to join forces against a common enemy, all in the name of fundraising. 

Each agency will designate a ‘captain’ (to be determined by a democratic process or inter-office Fight Club) who will be responsible for rallying a team of 8 individuals to compete. 

For one month leading up to the event each team will be tasked with raising funds in support of the LGBT Youth Line. Once registered, funds will be collected through an agency specific online giving page, where team members and their extended networks can donate.

The events held in 2014, 2015 and 2017 collectively raised over $33,000 in support of our worthy cause - so bring your A-game!




TEST YOUR skills


have fun